Thursday 31 January 2008

Sneaky Peeky....

This is a little peek at the latest Christmas album I'm doing. I know, I know.. xmas is long since gone but who has time to craft then??!! Kids home from school, decorations to be hung, gifts to be sorted, turkey to be stuffed, not to mention all the party nights out... something's gotta give! Unfortunately it's the crafting!! Well anyhooo, I hope to get this one finished by the weekend, along with 2 circle journals and about 10 birthday cards... wish me luck!!!

Front cover, without the ribbons (talk about stating the obvious!)

Tim Holtz Grungeboard plate, distressed with Shabby Shutters and then Crackle Glazed. I've only just acquired the Crackle Glaze and I am having great fun with it.

This is one DLO, with an added flap. You just can't beat extra flaps, it feels like you're getting something unexpected for nothing!!!!

Wednesday 30 January 2008

What I've been up to....

Not a lot really ;)

I did get another Tag Accordian Book done, and more of my paper bag album, but mostly I've been cooking, cleaning and generally being wife and mom. Throw in this horrible congestion I've got and you'll understand why I'm not a happy bunny lately. However my congestion will clear up, my hubby's schedule will get better and I'll soon be back to myself.... still trying to find time to craft!

There is just a little tweaking needed on my Tag Book and then I will post pics.

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Finally finished!!

At long last I've finished off the School Days tag book that I started months ago. Turns out there were 18 'pages' plus the front and back covers to do, much more than I thought at the start. It was really fun to do though, but next time I think I'd lose some of the tags, lol! I posted some of the pictures in a previous post so I'll just add some new pictures here.....

Gift from a friend :)

I recieved this Christmas Album recently from a very dear friend. I absolutely love it! I need to print out my xmas pictures now ;)

Sunday 13 January 2008

Things I must remember....

This I will add to as I make my mistakes.....

1) NEVER, EVER swipe your thumb along your craft knife to remove glue! It hurts! OUCH!!
2) NEVER bite selotape to rip it! It CAN stick to your lip!

Christmas Album

I was inspired to make this album because of the fantastic work which Dee Dee has done. I used 4 red paperbags and Basic Grey 'Figgy Pudding' papers (which are to die for!!!!), and worked the whole album around them. I love the papers and am sorely tempted to buy up as much of it as I can.. just because I want to! ;) I love Christmas Albums.

'All Boy' Album

This was the album (referred to as 'thing' in a previous post) that I made for my friend Sheila, for her little boys 2nd birthday. Granted, it was very late in getting there but I hope it was worth the wait for her. This was only the 2nd paperbag album I'd made at this point...

Family Tag Book

Yesterday I attended a surprise birthday crop for Kelly, arranged by her husband (who has just set the standard, I might add ). I started a Tag shaped accordian book and I completed it today. I used the Basic Grey Periphery papers and Tim Hotlz distress inks. The stamps on some of the tags are from Autumn Leaves 'World Flourishes'.

Sunday 6 January 2008

Christmas Card Swap

I participated in a Christmas Card swap with some of my babyfit friends. I'd only ever made 1 card before this but I was happy with my efforts. I did make 3 designs but I forgot to take pictures before shipping them off so I only have a picture of 2 of them.

Here were my offerings....

This one I made using decoupage. I heat embossed the silver snowflakes onto the card then layered on the decoupage, using foam dots in between each layer. I used stickles to glitter the snowman's hat, scarf, buttons and nose. I also heat embossed the patches onto the teddy bear. Then I printed off the 'Seasons Greetings' and used stickles on the edges to tie it in. For the inside I just printed a nice xmas greeting and used double sided tape to attach it. I made 5 of this type of card so cutting time was long! I spent an entire evening just cutting out all the pieces.

Now, this card was VERY interesting to make and not at all hard to do. I only made 1 of this type for the swap. The instructions came from SplitCoastStampers. I was not entirely happy with the finishing on this card. The band going around it just needed something.. a metal tag or something. Can I have it back to do over?? LOL!

Roll on Monday!

So, the kids are back to school tomorrow.. WOOOOO HOOOOO!! I love my kids but if I hear any of them call me again I'll scream. The fighting, the mess and the recent insomnia my boys have developed has me driven insane for the past two weeks. I am giddy at the thoughts of silence in the house tomorrow. I have a 'must do' list as long as my arm and I intend to get 3 paper projects completed (they have been sitting idle since the 10th December!!), so it's gonna be a busy week.... but who cares, I'll have silence in which to be busy!

The annual diet will start tomorrow. Now this is completely different to the weekly one, which starts every Monday morning without fail... well actually it fails miserably, lol. The ANNUAL diet is the BIIIIG one. It's the mother of all diets and detoxes, and the breakthough in mind over matter willpower! It's the one where you take your whole self and change her for someone else, a better you.. a new you!! (sound familiar??) . WW will be packed full of determined, strong women all hellbent on making their 2008 Annual Diet work. Granted by week 3 only 50% of those women will still be attending WW, and by week 5 it's only the diehard dieters that are left. All the others will start the Annual Diet again in 2009. It'll be interesting to see which is my year....