Sunday, 21 December 2008

Earth is the planet..

that I've been missing from... That was the funny subject in an email I got this week. It made me chuckle!

So yeah, I've been AWOL. I've been sooooooo unbelievably busy that most days I didn't even get to boot up my laptop. The tally thus far is:

16 x Christmas mini books
8 x mini books for personal use
3 x Baby Girl mini books
45 x Christmas Cards

I've been taking loads of pictures of each project so as soon as I get a minute I will show each and every one :)


Sheila said...

Good to know! And I'll get my card out to you soon! Sorry it's not scrapped this year but I think you will enjoy it all the same!

DeeDee said...

Still not a minute to share you pics?