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Fishing Squidgy Hexagon Lunch Box Tutorial

Hi! Today I'm sharing another Stamping Bella Tutorial. I came across these hexagon boxes/bags a while ago and I've been itching to make one. I loved the idea of making a lunch box for Fishing Squidgy  

To create the hexagon shape you need to use a 12" long piece of card, but you can adjust the length to suit your needs. The maximum length you can get from a 12 x 12" piece of card is 8". Score 2" from each end and whatever is in the middle will be the length of the box. The one I made today is 5". 

Patterned paper
Scoring board and bone folder
Hook and loop fastener
Hexagon Die (optional) 
White chalk pen

How to:
To create the hexagon lunchbox, cut -
One piece of black card measuring 9" x 12". 
Seven pieces of patterned paper measuring 4 7/8" x 1.75" 
Two pieces of patterned paper measuring 4 7/8" x 5/8" 

For the hexagons, cut -
Five pieces of black card measuring 3 1/8" x 3 5/8". Alternatively, use a hexagon die with six 1 7/8" sides. 

For the handle, cut
one piece of black card measuring 0.75" x 7"

Score the 9" x 12" piece of black card on the 12" side at 1 7/8", 3.75", 5 5/8", 7.5", 9 3/8" and 11.25"

On the 9" side, score at 2" and 7" 

Cut up on the 12" side, on all of the scorelines, up to the intersecting scoreline - on both sides.

Cut away the outer 0.75" sections on the end.

Cut the first  2" sections after the 0.75" piece down to approx 7/8" and cut a wedge from the edges as shown. This makes the lid and front flap.

To create the hexagon shape I found it easier to apply blu-tack inside the 0.75" section, fold over 3 of the 1 7/8" sides and then fold the 0.75" piece on top. This holds the whole thing together while you work with it.

Stand the box up so that one end is facing you. Bend the short tab, and the tab directly opposite it, back out of the way.

Fold in one of the side pieces, apply wet glue to the end, then fold it's opposite side in and adhere them together, ensuring you line up the outer edges. Repeat with the other two end pieces. Lastly, apply wet glue to the side you bent back and adhere it over the other pieces.

Turn the box around and repeat on the other end. Do not glue the short pieces.

Inside of the box.

Adhere a piece of patterned paper on the top section of the box.

Take the 0.75" x 7" piece of card and curl it over your fingers. Bend back approx 0.5" on each end. On the inside of the lid, measure in approx 0.5" from each side in the centre of the lid (15/16"). Make a 075" slit in the lid, equal distance from the centre along the 0.5" marks. Feed the ends of the handle through the slits and adhere to the underside, trimming off any excess.

If you have a hexagon die measuring 1 7/8" on each side, cut five of them. Alternatively, use the instructions below to make them.

Take the 3 1/8" x 3 5/8" pieces of black card and on the short side, place a mark in the centre (approx 1 9/16"). On the long sides, place a mark at 7/8" on each end. Cut from the centre mark on the short side to the 7/8" marks on the long sides. 

Adhere hexagons on both ends of the box, inside and outside.

Adhere the rest of the paper panels to the box.

Take the hook and loop fasteners and put them together. Cut in half if necessary.

Adhere the 4 7/8" x 5/8" pieces of paper on the inside and outside of the front flap. Remove the backing from one side of the hook and loop and adhere to the inside of the front flap. Remove the backing from the other side and fold the flap over until it sticks to the front of the box. Press down to get a good bond.

Open up the lid and the hook and loop separates. Set the box aside.

Stamp Fishing Squidgy onto white card. Position a smaller hexagon die (than the one you used for the ends and inside of the box) over the image until you're happy with the placement. Cut the image to the die shape. Colour using your desired medium. 

Again, using the smaller hexagon die, cut 2 pieces of patterned paper and layer them onto the ends. If you are going to place the image on the end section of the box you only need a hexagon for the opposite end. 
(For this box I placed the image on the front so I used a hexagon on each end)

Take the last black card hexagon and adhere Fishing Squidgy to it. 

Use a scissors to trim the black hexagon until there is just a little border around the image.

Close up the box fully, ensure you have the paper adhered to the front flap. 

Stamp the sentiment onto a piece of white card and cut out using a scalloped rectangle die.

Adhere the sentiment on the lid of the box, under the handle. Apply adhesive only to the top of the image, and line it up with the top of the front flap. Hold in place until it's stuck, then bend the image around to match the shape of the box front.

Fill the box with snacks and you're good to go - the perfect little gift for your fisherman.

For more inspiration check out the Stamping Bella Sisterhood page over on Facebook, where you can add your own Stamping Bella creations.

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