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New Home Cottage Box | Stamping Bella Tutorial

Hi all. Today I'm sharing how I made a New Home Cottage Gift Box featuring the Little Bits Flower PotsFall Window and Celebrate and Congratulate Sentiments stamps

I have a long list of crafty makes that I've been trying to find time to do and this one has been on that list for a long time. There are a few versions of this around social media but this is my take on it. I would probably make the roof a little shorter next time, maybe take an inch off the height. 

White card
Kraft card
Scalloped Border die
Stitched Pennant die
Scoring board and bone folder

How to:
Stamp the Flower Pots and Window on to white colouring card/paper. 

Fussy cut around the window and remove the centre. 

Colour the window

Colour the Flower Pots as desired and fussy cut around the outline. 
Set the images aside to work on the box. 

Cut 2 pieces of card measuring 10.25" x 7.75". The scoring and cutting is the same for both pieces. 
On the 7.75" side, score at 2.5" and 7.25" 

On the 10.25" side, score at 2.5" and 8.25" 

Fold and crease all the score lines. Cut on the 7.75" on each of the scorelines, up to the intersecting score lines. On the 0.5" end, remove the top and bottom section and taper the edges of the remaining centre section. On the 2.5" end, taper the edges of each side to make the fold in tabs. 

One ONE of the pieces, with 2" section at the top, position the window as shown and draw a pencil line to mark the centre of the window

Cut away the the rectangle

Cut the panels for the front and back. 
2x   5-5/8" x  4-5/8"
2x   5-5/8" x 2-3/8"

Adhere the front panel to the piece with the rectangle cut out. 

Turn over to the back and cut out the rectangle using a craft knife. 

Cut a piece of acetate approx 2.25" x 2" for centre of the window. 

Adhere the window over the opening in the front of the box. 

Apply double side tape to the 0.5" tab on the box front and adhere to the second piece. 

Apply double sided tape to the 0.5" section on the back piece and adhere to the front to make the box shape. 

Adhere the rest of the paper panels to the box. 

For the roof: 
Cut 2 pieces of Kraft card measuring 4" x 5.25" 
Score both pieces on the 4" side at 0.75" 

Cut enough scallop borders to cover ONE of  4" x 5.25" pieces of kraft. 

Curl the scallops slightly and adhere the first border down, overhanging the base piece. 

Continue to layer the scallops as shown until the whole piece is covered up to the score line. 

Use a spare border piece to fill in the gap at the bottom and top

Hold the two craft pieces together and punch ribbon holes in the 0.75" section at the top. 

Apply foam tape to the back of the window box and adhere to the window 

On the 2" section at the top, apply adhesive and position the roof section with the scallops on it. Let it overhang the front of the box by 0.5"-0.75". Make sure it's centered across.

Repeat with the plain piece of the roof at the back of the box. 

Adhere the bottom of the box. 

Adhere the rest of the flower pots under the window. 

Using two stamps from the Celebrate and Congratulate Sentiments set, make a greeting and cut out with a pennant die.

Tie a ribbon through the punched holes at the top 

Finally, adhere the sentiment using foam tape/dots, in the centre of the roof. 

For more inspiration check out the Stamping Bella Sisterhood page over on Facebook, where you can add your own Stamping Bella creations.

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