Thursday, 7 January 2021

Cool Chick Cupcake Toppers | Stamping Bella Tutorial

Hi everyone! For today's Stamping Bella tutorial I made some Cool Chick Cupcake Toppers featuring one of the Gingerbread Chicks. These are great for dressing up your cupcakes for parties, bake sales, or simply as a treat for your family.  There are loads of these Chicks to choose from so you can mix and match themes too. 

Cocktail sticks

How to:
Stamp as many Gingerbread Chicks as needed for the cupcakes. I always do some extra in case of mishaps. 

Colour all the chicks, giving them different colour hats. 

Fussy cut around the outline of the images. 

On the back of each image, apply a line of glue. Hot glue also works well. 

Lay the cocktail stick along the line of glue. Repeat for all the chicks and leave to dry. 

While the glue on the images is drying, stamp out one sentiment for each cupcake onto a strip of white card. 

Turn the image over to the front and apply a little dollop of glue on the stick, directly underneath the image. 

Adhere the sentiment to the front of the stick. 

Push one of the toppers into each cupcake and you're done :) 

For more inspiration check out the Stamping Bella Sisterhood page over on Facebook, where you can add your own Stamping Bella creations.

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