Saturday, 8 March 2008

Dry spell..

I need to make something. I have an itch to make something.. ANYTHING!! Real life is getting in the way again :(

I am finally getting new storage this week. Hopefully this will solve my issue of having to drag everything out of my tote bags, utility room and overhead cupboards.. my stash SHOULD finally be in one place and easily accessible. Now I need to take some friends advice .. box and label properly right from the start!!!

Maybe I'll go make a card.. lol!


Mandy said...

Cant wait to see the new storage!!! You wont know yourself!!!

Anonymous said...
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DeeDee said...

Yay for storage! I know it will make a big difference. :)

Dawn Wheeler said...

Looking forward to seeing this ,love the things you make Dawnxx

Unknown said...

i am also in the process of doing this - starting with DH building me some shelves - a little scary since he often works WAY too much to fit in anything else but cross your fingers he gets to it! hey i tagged you on my blog - go see for the details!