Tuesday, 18 March 2008

New goodies.... and a little rant ;)

Today I ordered some new papers and embellies to make a Father's Day book for my hubby. I get so frustrated with the lack of supplies here, and irritated that I have to 'settle' on supplies as it's all I can get. The online stores here do their best, but I long to hit Michaels, Hobby Lobby and AC Moore!!! I only got to visit an AC Moore whilst in the States and I could have happily spent hours in there... had I not had 2 kiddos with me (not to mention the hubby rolling his eyes!)!! I didn't even need to buy all that much, I think it was just the pure fascination of walking into a store and having so much to hand.... to touch... and to see exactly what it was that I was buying. That's the trouble with buying online, you don't get a true picture until it arrives on the doorstep. And by that time you've paid and there's nothing you can do if it wasn't what you thought it was.

Thankfully I've never had a bad experience with the online shopping... (fingers crossed, touch wood... and all that!) And to be fair, we can get a whole lot more now than we could 2yrs ago, so it's getting better. And I'm very lucky in the sense that the owner of one of the sites is only about 10mins drive from me, so I can order and then go pick it up the same day! Now if only I could convince her to buy in all the products I want! LOL!! ;)

So, rant over! I did order my papers.. I got some MR chipboard albums from ebay... and I'm looking forward to getting started as soon as my papers arrive!!!

I am now adding a Father's Day book to my ever increasing list of 'things to make'. Did I mention the Easter book??.........


Mandy said...

I hear ya!!!!!

DeeDee said...

Sorry about the lack of supplies. I would have to rant about the lack of money for all the supplies I want. ;) I want to see the Easter and Father's Day books. I am making one of each too. :)

Ana Baird said...

Sorry to hear about it. Looking forward to seeing your Father's day book and Easter one.