Friday, 25 July 2008

Altering life.

... or just a couple of notepads and frames ;)

Here are some things I made for my DS's preschool teachers.
They started out as these: (not great pictures, but you get the idea!)

and with some paper, paint and stamps they ended up as these:
This is the second set. I used TH crackle paint on the frame. Love how it turned out :)

The teachers were delighted with them :) It was a sad day though, as it was DS's last day with them. He's off to 'big' school in September!!


Di's Dooodles said...

Excellent!! I love what you've done to the frames. I have some myself - still waiting to be transformed though!!
The books look so professional! Well done on both counts!

Dee2 said...

Those are the cutest frames ever. All the altering looks fab, and the sentiment couldn't be more true. :) Love it!

I notice that altered book has a D on it. I could be a D. :)

Polly Pierce said...

Nice frames Sandie; but I love the books, they look so pro...

Now, here's something nice for you; I have left a little something on my blog for you. It's an award; which you well deserve.