Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Last but not least :)

I've been so sick this past week and just couldn't get enough motivation going to post here. Thankfully I am feeling much, much better now. Anyhooooo, this is the last book from the order of 4.
Front cover:
Some inside pages:
Hidden photo matt and journalling spot underneath:

I really enjoyed making them, and now I'm gonna bury myself in making more for the craft fair in Castleknock on Nov 30th! :)


Marlou McAlees said...

oh this is cool Cailin, excellent work, nice to see you blogging :) x

Kelly said...

Well it wouldn't be easy to pick a fav of the books you made but if I HAD to I think this would be it! Well done!!!

Di's Dooodles said...

Cailin, when I first saw this book I thought it was a cake!! it looks FAB !!!

Benga said...

lovely books, I love them all, but I'm biased with pink, so that's my fave, tnx for sharing :)

Lynn said...

lovely mini Cailin. Really like the Fancy Pants one too:)

deifen said...

Hi Cailin,
I love your albums-makes me want to try one myself!
p.s You have just been given a blog award - check out my blog for details.
Dei X

Elisa said...

Beautiful mini, I think I gotta make myself one too. { me copycat :-) }

DeeDee said...

The paper is so nice and the cover is really beautiful.

Brook said...

I am so loving this book!