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Christmas Cracker Gift Box | Stamping Bella Tutorial

Hi everyone. Today I'm sharing a Christmas Cracker Gift Box featuring A Gift from Yeti, which is the December Stamp of the Month over on Stamping Bella

The  cracker box I made is quite large at 4"W x 4"D x 3.5"H and can take a bit of weight as the bottom is  4 layers of card.  The design can also be adapted to make a smaller cracker. 

Red Card
White card
Scoring board and bone folder
Pencil, ruler, and eraser
Border punch
Stitched circle and Tag dies

How to:
Stamp A Gift from Yeti  onto white card, colour, and fussy cut around the outline. 

Set the image aside to work on the cracker box. 

To make the box you need TWO sheets of A4 (8.25" x 11 5/8") card. The instructions are the same for both pieces.

Take the A4 sheet of red card and score on the 8.25" side at 4" and 8"

Turn the card 90 degrees so that the .25" section is at the bottom and score on the 11 5/8" side at 4" 7.5", 9.5" and 9.75"

Fold and crease on the socrelines. Mountain fold all the scorelines except the 9.5" and 9.75", which should be valleyed. 

Turn the card piece to the portrait position with the 0.25" section on the left. Measuring from the 0.25" score line, place a pencil mark at 1.75" and 2.25" on both the 9.5" and 9.75" score lines

Measure from the centre score line and repeat the steps above. 

Now measure down 1" on each side and the centre of the top section. 

Fold the card in half on the 4" score line. Make sure you can see the centre 1" pencil mark. Cut on the folded side, from the 7.5" score line up to the inner pencil marks on the 9.5" line, then cut straight up from the pencil mark on the 9.5" line to the 9.75" line. 

Turn the scissors and cut out towards the centre fold again, to the 1" pencil mark. 

Repeat on the opposite side of the card, first snipping the 0.25" tab at the 1" pencil mark. 

Open up the card piece and it should look like this. 

Taper the edges of the 1" tab as shown. 

From the bottom, cut up on the 4" score line, to the first intersecting line. Remove the bottom section o the 0.25" tab. 

For the layers, cut four pieces of white card measuring 3 7/8" (W) x 3 3/8"(H) and four pieces of paper measuring 3.75" x 3.25"

To make the paper layers for the top section of the box, cut a piece of card measuring 3 7/8" x 1 7/8". On the bottom of the long side, make a pencil mark in the centre (1- 15/16). From the top, measure down 7/8" on both sides. 

Cut from the centre pencil mark on the bottom, diagonally to the 7/8" pencil marks on both sides. Snip the point at the bottom. Use this template to make 4 paper layers. 

Adhere the 3.75" x 3.25" pieces of paper to the 3 7/8" (W) x 3 3/8"(H) pieces of card and stick them onto the box base.

Apply adhesive to the 0.25" tabs on one of the base pieces and adhere the other piece to it. Turn over to the inside and fold in the side with the other 0.25" tabs, apply adhesive to the tabs and then fold in the over side of the card base. 

Adhere the paper layers to the top section of the box. 

Fold in all the bottom sections of the box without gluing them, to check everything is okay. 

Cut a stitched circle from white card and a smaller circle from paper. Cut 4 borders, one for each side of the box, and some tags if desired. 

Adhere the borders to the top of the paper panels, trimming to size. 

Adhere the circles together and then, using foam tape, adhere the image down into the middle

Adhere the circles to the front panel of the box, tucking the tags in behind if desired. 

Fold in the bottom sections glue down. 

Tie a ribbon around the 9.5"/9.75" section and pull tight to make the cracker shape and  close the box. 

String some twine through the tag tops to finish off. 

For more inspiration check out the Stamping Bella Sisterhood page over on Facebook, where you can add your own Stamping Bella creations.

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