Saturday, 3 November 2007

First Local Crop!!

I am going to a crop today, in town. This is the first crop held locally and I can't wait! I have so many projects I need to finish but can't decide which ones to bring with me. Maybe I'll do the last of the Scrapwest Cyber Crop classes. I should really be getting ready, I need to be there soon. A whole afternoon without kids is just what I need right now :D

There will be much temptation in the form of the Crafteire and The Scrapbook Store stands!! I can't pass either without fantastic stash calling out to me to bring it home (as if I haven't enough!) Maybe the wallet should stay at home today... or maybe not!!

I get to meet more of the girls from the Craft Supplies site too, which I am quite excited about. It'll be great to put a face to the name, finally! There will be 2 cricuts attending today, with owners of course, so that we.. (we, being the poor souls who don't posses such delightful contraptions) can all sample their delights!

If I do get some work done today I shall post pics as soon as I can. But now I'm going to pack my tote and then I'm off....... catch ya later!

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