Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy 'Heart' Day!!

Valentines Day! You either love it or you hate it... lol!

I made a great Valentines card for a girl on Craft Supplies who had her heart messed with recently.. but guess what??....... I was so busy over the past few days that I actually BOUGHT my DH a Valentine's Day Card! Yes, BOUGHT!!! I genuinely did not get time to make one for him. Of course he had a great time dissing me over it! 'All the stash in the world and you can't make me a card'.. grrrr!! I felt like telling him I just didn't bother, but that was a lie.

I also went to the trouble of getting him his favourite wine and choccies! And just to top it all off I made him the most fantastic dinner I've ever made....

.....Fillet Mignon with Chestnut Mushrooms and Shallots, in a rich red wine sauce. The recipe for the sauce came from Deborah, of course! ;)

So although I don't have a paper project to share with you all today, I do have another work of art!!!

Behold:..... the first attemp at Cordon Bleu!! haha!!


Dea said...

Excellent. Glad it worked. Heh. Guess I'll BUY you a belated birthday card so! ;-)

Mandy said...

Oh wow!!!! When you cooking mine eh??? It looks fab!!!!!!!!!

DeeDee said...

Looks like you were a fab Valentine!

Ana Baird said...

looks great!