Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Papers, papers, papers!!!!!

Look what arrived last week....

All of it Basic Grey...!!!!.... we've got Figgy Pudding, 2Scoops, Blush (all time favourite!!) Gypsy (also known as Romani here) and LilyKate. Mandy has laid claim to 2 pads already, much to my despair, lol. The only question now is what justifies using such wonderful papers??? For anyone who is wondering about 2Scoops, it is a much nicer paper IRL than in pictures. It's romantic to the point of sickening (not really... but I didn't get a Valentines gift!! ) Seriously though, this paper is not done justice by the pictures I've seen online. It's absolutely fabulous!!!

Deborah passed along some wonderful pale pink lunch bags which her MIL had sent her, so I am good to go on another 2 PaperBag Albums!! I'm thinking Mothers Day and maybe a Baby Girl album. All I need now is time... anyone got some to spare??

I've also purchased some Tim Holtz grungeboard. I couldn't resist the elements pack, which I got in both Harlequin and Plain!! I am a terrible hoarder and have only used 2 pieces of the Harlequin so far! I have promised my dear friend Dee Dee that I would send her some to have a play with. I need to get on that :S


DeeDee said...

So glad you got some new papers to play with. I've been wondering if the 2scoops is worth getting as it just didn't seem that fab in pics. Now I'll have to order some! Missed you today. :)

Paul said...

I'm glad you can get some use from the Paper bags. I was thinking though, you should take the rest too... I have 8 more... show me how to do it and you can take the rest! ;-) Hopefully we can get some work done Sunday with these damn workaholic husbands of ours ruining plans all week! ;-)

Mandy said...

Claim to papers, moi???????? Are you mad!!!!!!!!!! Yum yum!