Friday, 2 November 2007

My Firsts!

This is how it all started.... my very first layout. I messed up a little by not knowing my glues, and I left a 'wet' streak on my ribbon but I wanted to leave it exactly as it was. It was my 1st layout.. mistakes and all.

This is the first card I made. I started out a scrapper, and I still am, but I do enjoy card making and altered art. This card I made for my moms birthday, it was a little early as we (me, hubby and kiddos) were flying out to the States on the day of her birthday. Now my mom normally is not impressed by anything, but when she realised I'd made the card she just said 'sure you could do some for us at xmas'.. which I suppose is some sort of compliment.


Dea said...

OMG - You should see my first layout - it is like something Ella would make. THIS is gorgeous!!! Is the title a stamp? I love it!!!

Mandy said...

ah gorgeous, she is so cute!!

Neasa said...

Love the swirly title. That is one fine 1st l.o. Congrats. Its addictive isn't it?!!!

DeeDee said...

Lovely blog you've got going. I look forward to seeing the progression of your art. :)