Wednesday, 30 September 2009


No card for this post, I just wanted to share a blog that I came across (through Kim's blog) that just blew me away.

The thing that most blew me away is that Hanna is 13yrs old and is on the design team for Magnolia Stamps.  Her work is absolutely amazing...Check it out for yourself, but don't say I didnt' warn you, lol!! Keep a firm hold of your jaw, lest it hits the ground ;)


Kim Piggott said...

So glad that you have found her Sandie. She is totally amazing isn't she and Hanna is the sweetest person too!
kim x

Nancy said...

I know:O) She follows my daughter's blog, and she is soooo sweet, Sandie, and yber talented:O)
Thank you for those nice words in my blog.
Hugs from Nancy;O)

Polly Pierce said...

Nice blog. Then I read the post properly and realised just how young this girl is. She's amazing....

Evonne said...

Oh wow, such amazing talent for someone so young! We'll be hearing a lot more about her in time to come I'm sure!
Sorry I missed you on Saturday morning in Athlone - at least I got to see the project here on your blog! Looks great. Hope you enjpoed the rest of the weekend.